Friday, May 8, 2009

Jesus changed my life - C

I was raised in a Christian home therefore I was introduced to the Lord at a very young age. I was saved at the age of six. I noticed a difference in my family and I wanted the same difference in me. I was so young and my knowledge was so vague but I knew I loved Jesus and I wanted Him to walk with me, talk with me and call me His own. As I grew older I changed and felt it was important to rededicate my life to Him. Before I rededicated my life, I wasn’t a horrible kid but lived my life to my own desires rather depending on Christ to lead me in the direction I was to go. Once I rededicated myself to Him I grew so much. I noticed a dramatic change in my life. I had so much more hope and knew I could always depend on Him. The older I got the more I was let down by people so it was just awesome to know that no matter what, Jesus would always love me and never leave my side.

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