Friday, May 8, 2009

Jesus changed my life - A

I was raised in a Catholic home going through all the motions of the “sacraments”, but it wasn’t done with any conviction, rather because it was something I was supposed to do. I always had questions about how things were done within the church, but never got any answers. At the age of 15, after “confirmation” I never went back. I sort of floundered around for the next ten years.

When I was twenty-five eighty percent of the population where I lived was Catholic or Jewish. During the last two years of that ten-year span, a good friend of mine kept witnessing and praying for me. One night when I drove him home from work, I started thinking about all he had been telling me about salvation. I realized that Jesus died for me and took my place on the cross. I knew I wanted that peace very much and so I accepted Jesus as my Savior in the parking lot near his apartment. I prayed to Jesus confessing my sins and asking Him into my heart.

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