Friday, May 8, 2009

Jesus changed my life - H

About ten years ago, I had just experienced my second failed marriage. I didn’t have a sense of direction for my life. My children were going in different directions. I felt I wasn’t worthy of anything good. I felt like I wanted my life to end.

I began to attend worship services at my church. During those times at church, I felt like someone cared. I felt loved. Every Sunday I came and listened it seemed that the Pastor was speaking to me personally. Also, during this time my father passed. This was a heavy burden to bear. One Sunday, the pastor spoke and I felt God leading me to accept Christ as Savior.

Since that time, I feel better about myself. God gives me direction to make better decisions. Each day I ask for guidance and He gives me His guidance. God has placed in me a hunger to know Him and to know His Word. My relationship with my children, who are now adults, has been enriched. They come to me for advice about the Bible. Recently, God delivered me from a stroke. If it weren’t for God’s intervention, I would not be here. He healed me. God also helped me restore my relationship with my own mother. I know that God will continue to help me and guide me the rest of my life.

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